Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sinéad O Connor: Nothing Compares 2U


Timeless song, timeless interpretation. 

#sineadOconnor #nothingcompare2u

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror


Imagining you while I am looking at my image in the mirror. So touching and how we miss you King of Pop.

#michaeljackson #maninthemirror

Monday, 26 October 2015

Sia: Alive


Without a face with blond wig and her voice: You took it out, but I'm still breathing, I'm alive!

#sia #alive

Taylor Swift: Shake It Off


I didn't like Taylor in the past, I thought she was disagreeable but it was just a prejudice. She is very beautiful and very talented this is the reason why of her success. I had been in U.S. for a while few months ago and I had the opportunity to better understand her art. She is very versatile.

#taylorswift #takeitoff

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pharrell Williams: Freedom


Nothing to add, it's Pharrell! Impossible to imitate, easy to recognize: unique.

#pharrell #pharrellwilliams #freedom

Elisa: A feast for me


I have a very close relationship with this song, it reminds me autumn nights, driving in the fog with my beautiful Red Angel. Elisa is one of the most talented singer in the world, she would deserve more success around the World.

#elisa #afeastforme

Baby K - ft. Giusy Ferreri: Roma - Bangkok


It has been the big success of the Italian summer indeed! When you listen to the song you want to dance, it is inevitable. I was one of the biggest supporter of Giusy when she participated to the first edition of XFactor Italy and I really liked her way so personal to sing. I had the opportunity to listen a live performance and I am a little bit disappointed about her performance. Please Giusy exercise your voice because it deserves, its timbre is amazing.

#babyk #giusyferreri #RomaBangkok

Madonna: You Must Love Me


Probably, it was because she was pregnant and even because so involved in the character she was performing, but I really love this song and her way to sing. I am a big supporter of Queen Ciccone and generally I like each song she sings just because is her, but this song is one of my favourite and always bring me in dream atmosphere that rocks my melancholic trip.

#madonna #youmustloveme

Adele: Hello


Welcome back Adele! Welcome back to your voice, even better and to your interpretation. I am chilling! 

#adele #hello

The Smiths: This Charming Man


It seems always the first time: you are really a charming singer! My English Poet timeless of the Music.

#thesmiths #thecharmingman

Max Gazzé: La Vita Com'è


Max Gazzé - La Vita Com'è: his music always meet the needs in terms of Evolution and Innovation Expectation and making him SEXY!

#maxgazzé #lavitacomè 

Virginio: Hercules


Amazing new work from the most international Italian songwriter of the moment: congrats Virginio, a terrific song that let me astonished. You have overachieved my expectation.

#virginio #hercules

Iacampo: Pittore Elementare


Song Surprise and Artist to better listen to.

#iocampo #pittoreelementare